26 September, 2011

The unexpected sight of Terra Botanica

 If Terra Botanica park includes a lot of gardens' sceneries whic attract numerous visitors, may be most of them, because of their desire to stay as long as possible in the compound, do note pay attention to a sight to a place located outside of the park, just a few dozen meters before the entrance. From a wooden bridge which leads the public to the entrance gates, the visitors can look a curious landscape, mysterious and totally unexpected. It looks so original that it could give the impression it is part of the Terra Botanica gardens.

A huge trench, whose depth is almost 8 meters, is winding, as silently as a snake, under the bridge. Designed for the former railway line which linked Angers to Segré (a city at the West of the Maine et Loire department), the place is now invaded by luxuriant vegetation like if the scene had taken place in a tropical forest. Trees' branches stretch over the trench and make it appear like a cradle or a coffin. In the middle of the passage, like a backbone the tracks still emerge, but not train has travelled there for a very long time.

This sight looks like a solemn warning about the limited power of man face to the force of nature. That impression comes from the silence and the stillness of the scene. The visitor is suddenly caught up in the smokes of the past.

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