19 September, 2011

The future of the Angers expressway is not near to be decided

What to do with the expressway going across Angers, like a scar on the face of a person? Apparently, the townhall doesn't have yet the answer. Two solutions are foreseen. First : the filling of the expressway and the creation of a simple two lane road at the surface, from the Saint-Serge district to the King of Poland castle. The second option would consist in the burying of the expressway between the Basse-Chaîne et the Haute-Chaîne bridges on a little bit more than 1 km. 

 But each of the options show a difficulty. The first : if the Angers inhabitants use it to cross the city, that bank of the Maine river could be permanently held up and Angers would meet again the situation it faced at the end of the 70's. The second option show also a technical difficulty : the tunnel digged on such a distance could be vulnerable to floods and would have to be flooded too in order to balance the pression the river will have on the tunnel when the water level is high.

Credit pictures : Wikipedia
A survey has been ordered by Angers townhall which want to know the cost (regarding the "pressure" on local finances, it's a wise decision). Whatever be the final choice, the issue will remain a clear distinction between the left and the right banks of the Maine... and of the policy.

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