28 September, 2011

Inappropriate behaviour of Angers animal's owner on the trolley lawns, a case among others

If the cleanliness is a constant worry of Angers city, some persons apparently do not know what the word means and are not very concerned by the cleanliness of public places. On monday in the evening, the proof was given by a man walking with his dog on the lawns of the trolley in order, obviously, to let the animal defecate. Some people do that but not so visibly, not so publicly.

The neglect of French people for public places is a very common behaviour in this country. If one can understand the attention the people pay to their animals, its beyond understanding these people do not pay the same attention for the other people. Moreover, these lawns are part of a urban landscape which needed a lot of work for many persons : architects, gardeners and so... So the use of that lawn for natural needs sounds like an insult to the skills which were involved in such a project.

Would a fee enforceable to the owners of animals be appropriate? Maybe the taxpayer would consider there are entrusted to do what they want just because they pay. In fact the lack of concern regarding the maintaining costs yet a lot of money to the local public authority. Recently, the Ralliement square has been completly clean up because of the gums splitted on the pavements. A kind of plastic layer will be applied to the surface, but will the behaviour of pedestrians will change?

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