27 September, 2011

The tram travellers face, with pleasure, technical problems to pay their tickets

The trolley line has made some people happy. In june, the Angers inhabitants travelled for free. Then, the tickets dispensers were out of order, and  since the beginning of september, they are alway out of order. Apparently the ticket collectors said nothing, so some travellers use the trolley without paying a penny. Its good for the popularity of the equipment.

The drivers of the train are powerless. Once the travellers are on board and with people behind them, they are protected by their honesty, and the word of the driver. But, thinks could change.Though, 1,40 euro is not a high price for a person who just want to discover Angers along the line. For persons who use it regularly, it could be different, almost if, like it is predictible, the price of the ticket will increase.

For people arriving in Angers and unaware of the technical problems above, the trolley free is surely a good idea. Hopefully there is coordination between trolley and bus. If an inhabitant takes the bus and, within an hour the trolley, he has to pay one time, what be the distance he has to cover. "Off we go".

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