21 September, 2011

The mayor of Angers doesn't deny he will leave office before 2014

Credit Angers city
In his talking with the Angers internet users on the 19th september, the mayor, Jean-Claude Antonini, didn't denied he could step down before the end of his office. "You will see", he said. His predecessor, Jean Monnier, did so in 1998 at the mid term of his office, leaving room for Jean-Claude Antonini, then first deputy mayor. The present Angers mayor, of course, didn't indicate who will be in charge after him but that hypothesis is plausible, Mr Antonini not having hidden that he had to cease for a while last year his activity due to health reasons.

If a part,of the interview has been dedicated to local issues, the mayor made clear that his support of Dominique Strauss-Kahn as a contender for the French presidential elections of 2012 was definitely over. Mr Antonini, who was member of a fan club of DSK last year, only uttered "We shall miss his expertise"...

Criticized about the increase of local taxes, the mayor said the financial withdrawal of the French state was responsible of it. The lauch of a survey about the costs of tthe digging of the expressway along the left bank of the Maine doesn't indicate the mayor changed his mind regarding the option of the filling of the present trench. He pointed out he had always the fighting spirit to help the Angers inhabitants to overcome the economic and social consequences of the international crisis.

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