15 September, 2011

A foil olympic champion touches the heart of Angers' students

The Essca students association invited on wednesday a high level sportsman, Brice Guyart, several times world champion and gold medal in foil during the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. The issue of the conference, unfortunately followed by a too little number of students would have been nevertheless higly useful for persons whose carreers in private companies : "The management of failures and successes. the common values of sport and business".

In fact, Brice Guyart's carreers doesn't sum up to high level sport because he is graduated from another business school, the ESCP-EAP and now works for the Sncf. From his experience at the top of the world sport and the daily life of a french company, Brice Guyart delivered numerous lessons and among these, the difficulty to resume life after a success like an olympic title. "For years, you dedicate yourself to the achievement of a goal, then you got it. What is going on after?". An anecdote unveils the kind of person he is. 

"After my gold medal at the olypic games, I was the guy to defeat. And it occured during a France championship. My competitor was so happy to defeat that Iwas ahppy for him!", he said. He touched the assistance's heart.

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