23 September, 2011

Angers Loire Valley misses the point in Le Monde

The daily French newspaper Le Monde published a four pages supplement to its issue printed on thursday dedicated to Angers Loire Valley. In fact, theses pages are not a report the newspaper has decided to do but an advertising insert bought by Angers Loire Valley. Visibly, this double's its effort to promote the city and its surroundings on a national scale. But once again, the sponsors of this ads missed a great opporunity to give to their city the international touch they want to give it. They had to portray Angers Loire Valley, not in French in Le Monde, but in English.

That's a pity, because, in his "interview", the mayor of Angers recognizes that the English touch of the brand, thanks to the word "Valley" is due to the acknowledgement that "English is the language which goes anywhere". Moreover, such an attraction is shared by others than the city. The ads mentions the existence of a community of local companies called Loire Electronic Applications Valley...In another brief article, the city puts forward its annual event of promotion of local companies designated Made in Angers while, in the field of arts, the city reminds his cultural exhibitions of Artaq, the Urban Arts Awards... 
Once more, the instigator of that communication should have use the impact of an English sounding branch in France. OK for an ads in French in The Times. But, in a daily title so French like Le Monde, an English ads on a French town would have been a must.

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