29 September, 2011

Marathon mad

It's not marathon man, but it could be. Mr X is walking and running all over Angers almost all year long. After the training in a stadium, he comes back home, but the return seems a training too. He has not a lot of time for talking, because that would probably slow his rythm. So if a pedestrian want to interwiew the sportsman, he has to follow his pace.

The man is running since 20 years. He lives in Angers and quite regularly goes to Southern France where he is running in public competitions. His face has the traits of a veteran but the man's profile has something juvenile. Probably because of the runs he accomplished many times. One can see him crossing down town with a sports bag.

These exercises have some distorted the silhouette, constantly bent forward as if the man was attracted by his next step, the next yard till the end of his continuous run. But the discipline doesn't seems cumbersome to him. His smile appears on his face as soon as he speaks about his lifetime runner.

The discipline must be strict because, on thursday 29 september, the temperature was 30° at 8 pm, oh yes it was very hot. In spite of his long time of sportsman, he seems to enjoy semi-marathon (about 21 km). He doesn't think, even a single minute to stop running because he would be like an addict without his drug. So Angers inhabitants will see for a long time to come their marathon-mad.

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