20 September, 2011

The Angers townhall initiative to give rise to inhabitants participation could be clearer

The Angers townhall organizes during almost a month, from today till the end of october, a serie of meetings with the inhabitants through district assemblies. Each gathering will be lead by two representatives of townhall which, visibly, is eager to associate inhabitants and generate new ideas which could be useful for the next local elections (2014).

The programm of the district assemblies has not be built on specific issues of each district. The issue are transverse, i.e. transposable from a district to another. In the district of Monplaisir, where a urban redevelopment is going to take place, the inhabitants will not discuss of that but will talk about issues regarding the Angers youth. That way will nevertheless prevent the appearance of district claims which could not be compatible one with the others at the level of the whole town.

This gathering may constitute a good way for the Angers townhall to stay in touch with the daily concerns of the inhabitants. This initiative comes from the "Participation Day" the city set up on spring. But that time, the content of the event was more explicit and maybe the citizens will always make the link between the district assemblies and the Participation Day. Moreover, these add up with the "Districts rendez-vous" and may make obscur the ways inhabitants can take part, and even, may bore them.

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