16 September, 2011

The Heritage day, still topical in Angers city

The opening of old town house and a discovery of some districts in wich the trolley goes through are some of the novelties of the next European heritage days, planned on the 17th and 18th september in Angers. Some of these old mansions, the Cupif (then Guérin de la Piverdière), Maquillé and Nepveu d'Urbe are located in Canal street or Falloux square, two old places of the very down town of the city where history is still present through architecture and atmosphere. These home seem to stand apart the turmoil of the town.

This is quite a miracle because some improvements are still feasible in the fittings of the streets which are not, compared to old districts of other towns of the Loire valley, always specifically cared by Angers city. But maybe visits organized at night, when the agitation is gone, would be for the amateurs of that Heritage days, a more appropriate way to dive in the past of their city.

The trolley is also an axis of orchestration of events in Angers. So Angers Loire Valley has set up guided visits along the tramway line (not free on these days)... The use of new means of transport, like rollerblades, is on the programm. But why not on bikes ( the city want to increase) or Segway? That is may be the most challenging aspects of these Heritage days : the renewal of the places to see and the ways to see them.

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