05 September, 2011

The "Anglish" language on front side stores of the city

The English language still continues to spread in Angers city. If, since a long time now, many names of stores have links with English, if there are now numerous pubs in Angers whose atmosphere and almost signs "sound" English, if more and more shops of garnments refer clealy to UK civilization, the Shakespeare' language goes now a little bit further now. Since the end of summer holidays, and in somes cses before, shops' owners speak directly to their Angers customers in English.

On Lenepveu street, a new store denominated Brandy & Melville highlights its reference to the British world using a little notice on its frontside telling to pedestrians : "Come in, we're open" or " Sorry, we're closed", convinced these will surely understand. The case is not isolated. If, of course, the use of English words is not amazing in places where English is supposed to be spoken ("My Favorite place", in L'Espine street or the English Library in Angers, in Boisnet street), some examples are more surprising like a store of copying machines located in Mendes-France square which indicated : "Closed for holidays" (And the phenomena is true on other places like La Baule with "Gone tanning").

But this is not the only Indications of the trend. Still on Lenepveu street, the Levi's store speaks in English to the passer-by a maybe meaningfull slogan for "Anglish" speaking people : "now is our time".

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