22 September, 2011

The Ralliement square, theater of a first public relations exercise

Is the Ralliement square finding a new use? Maybe in order to be seen, and that goal would be wise, the Angers Basket Club gathered on tuesday some dozens of persons on the open air terrasse of the new café de France. Introduced one by one to the public, the Angers basket ball players were standing on the steps at the entrance of the Angers Grand Theatre, quietly dressed with a blue t-shirt branded by the logo of their club.

The idea would have had much more impact if it had been planned during a non working day because, especially on saturdays, many people cross that place. Moreover their president had to express his wishes for the starting season of the club, so it would have be much more stimulating with a lot of people around. ABC which evolves in the Nm1 but is aiming for the Pro B.  

The Ralliement square could find a new purpose : the organization of public relations events, even if the place could be a little bit enlived than it is. A few more lights, some clumps of greeneries (the trees are scare) would fit with the babbling of the fountains. Moreover, the restaurants around the core of the city, and especially the Café de France, could imagine some fittings in order to be more attractive, even if their presence has nothing to see with those of a travel agency or a tax office... 

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