06 September, 2011

The number of requests of VeloCité bikes should trigger an early opening of its offices

It's always difficult to get a bike from VéloCité in Angers. For example, foreign students arriving in the city for a few months are very surprised when they learn it's almost compulsory to queue at Angers VeloCité to get a bike from 7.00 am. Recently, according to the testimony of one of them the waiting queue was longer than 100 m... And the phenomena is frequent, and during some periods of the year, the candidates aveo wait in front of the offices of Angers VéloCité even sooner than 6.00 am.

If that queue shows there is still a demand of bikes, it also demonstrates that the answer of the city is not very professionnal. First of all, wouldn't it be better to open the Paul Bert street's office sooner? That would spare hours of wait in the night and the cold of winter to numerous persons. A permanent access to bikes in stations (it's the system in most of the cities where bikes can be rent) wouldn't it be more suitable? With the present system, bikes are always "rent" - for free - but are, in reality, unused during most of the time because their users are studying.

In comparison, the system of VéloCité+ is much more accessible. Bikes are always available in front of the railway station because they are never rent. The comparison with VéloCité explains why : if the rent lasts several months, the user is not charged (VéloCité); when the bike is needed for less than a day, the rent is not free (VéloCité+). Queue of people for bikes in a case; bikes with no customers in another! For both cases, who is to blame?

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