12 September, 2011

"Kiss my ass", answers Azz'Art , Angers' poster artist to an anonymous collector

"My drawing is a revenge, the expression of my disap-pointment", says Azz'Art, an Angers poster artist who works, always with legal permission, on public or private walls. That time, his site takes place on plywoods behind which, soon, will appear the extended store of an hairdresser located at the angle of Romain square and Saint-Laud street, in Angers downtown.

A few days ago, Azz'Art had, "with the authorization of the store owner", he points out, "posted a huge collage whose only remain the staples. Somebody stole it during the night", regrets Azz'Art. "Even if that person took it for its own satisfaction, what would be gratifyning for me, I'm a little bit sad", he says. Ignoring the name of the author of that theft (no remains of his collage have been found, so the hypothesis of an anonymous admirer is credible), Azz'Art decided to send him a message in his own way : a drawing. 

So, on sunday afternoon a huge character had take the place of the collage. The character turns one's back on Azz'Art's stealer expressing the trouble of the artist regarding the disappearance of his collage. But that time, created with paint sprays, the work of the street art designer will not be stolen... "Kiss My Ass", signed Azz'Art...

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