04 September, 2011

Angers' housing and environment policy looks to concentrate jobs at the expenses of others

Credit Alm 
Angers Loire Métropole want its inhabitants to give their opinion regarding the future of the territory. A poster campaign had started on the beginning of september whose aim is to draw the people not to public meetings but to a little travels by bus throughout several places built and natural of its territory. In a foreword, Jean-Claude Antonini on the Angers website points out one of the main objects of the scheme : to contain the urban sprawl because that one endangers the diversity of the territoriy. 

According to Mr. Antonini, 80 ha have been built per year on Alm territory from 1996 to 2005, ie. 800 ha in ten years. Compared to the overall area of Alm, 51 000 ha, that looks few. Even if a part of this area is already built, is there such an emergency? Moreover, the dynamic housing policy of Angers itself (whose ambitions are visible with the cranes on the new Saint-Aubin district) which aims at drawing new jobs with these new homes, looks a little bit contradictory with the statement of the mayor.

One explanation would be a concentration of the housing - and jobs - in the center of Alm. but what will be left to others. If natural places become scarce, employment become as much.

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