31 August, 2011

Bikes cages in Angers stays desperately empty

If it were a scuplture, it would be particularly hideous. But it looks useless too. Since a few months several districts of Angers are equipped with cages designed to keep the bikes. Black with big bars, if they may dissuade burglars to steal bikes, apprently they dissuade the bikers to store their bikes there!

Since a few months, some of them higly visible from the streets and located in places where the traffic is heavy are desperately empty. Are they secure? Are they easy to handle? One of the problem could be the people do not know the use of these objects which, moreover, disturb the walk of pedestrians because they encroach partially on the pavements dedicated to pedestrians.

Their places where they are settled are very different : at a turnabout (in front of the exhibition center in the direction of Saint-Sylvain d'Anjou) or at the base of buildings (as in des Gars street near the Thomson factory). The website of angers city doesn't refer to these specific objects excepted the bike park facilities located at the end of the trolley line (La Roseraie) or at the Saint-Laud railway station.An explanation would be welcomed.

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