24 September, 2011

The new faces of Angers

Few by few, Angers is counting a new generation of inhabitants. These have a very different face compared of those of Angevins stock even if they are born in Angers. One of their parents, mostly their mother, came here a few years ago and just for a few months to learn French. They learnt it so well, including the French culture, they felt in love with this country, and almost felt in love simply.

Through the Cidef, a language department linked to the Université catholique de l'Ouest, Japanese girls discovered the city and met their husband there. They married and settled in Angers and now have babies. All of them didn't only kept the black hair and dark eyes of Japan, but are also educated both in French by their father and Japanese by their mother. Apparently without a single problem. 

About twenty Angevins-Japanese couples were gathered on saturday for a picnic on the lawn of the Decathlon superstore. Some of them are furniture designer, others paper artist or chocolate maker. Some of them teach Japanese. These represent a new category of Angevins and may give to the city the international stance townhall want to get.

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