02 September, 2011

Terra Botanica, for lovers of gardens

With the month of september and the... sunny days, when most of the people have already resume their working life, the weather is appropriate to discover Terra Botanica, the Angers leisure park dedicated to the plant universe. The place is quiet and pleasant but at the same time a little bit sober and without big suprises. That is may be a little inadequacy : the lack of entertainments one may see in that king of theme park.

Terra Botanica is may be designed for people found of gardening, even if, there is no, but may be it will come, a division showing the different categories of gardens : "à la française" or english landscape garden... So, for that kind of public, the park is adjusted : every flower or vegetable has its tag describing the origins and sometimes the uses of the plant. But more important, the designers have perfectly reenacted the charm of such places (medieval garden or parsonage gardens) where owners can find quiet and rest (even such gardens are the result of a lot of work).

One of the most intriguing aspect of the place is... outside the place. At the entrance of the park a small bridge steps over a disaffected railway line. The whole likes to sleep in a valley surrounded by plants from where an emeral green light is falling, giving to the visitors a foretaste of the mystery of nature.

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