20 April, 2012

At Angers Saint-Laud square, car drivers have time to watch the trains go...

If Angers visitors may have a favourable impression arriving for the first time in the city, because of the design and the greens of the place, inhabitants who come to that square to pick up travellers and to take them away may have a litte bit different opinion. During periods when arrivals or departures are numerous, the square and the parking areas demonstrate their insufficiency and the inappropriateness of their design. 

At a huge roundabout where three streets are arriving, it's alaready difficult to enter in the perimeter of the Saint-Laud square. Once in the site, the approach to the entrance of the Angers Saint-Laud station is only possible by a single and narrow way where it'is uneasy to drive because of the cars already parked on the right side and because of a hairpin turn with metal bike hoops on the left. And that is the most simple situation because most of the time, travellers stepping down from the cars must take their luggage from the back and need a few seconds to kiss families and friends (with boyfriends more time is needed...). 

Credit Pictures  : William
But the most unhappy users of the square are persons who are not sensitive to the special atmosphere of arrivals and departures of relatives because they are there to work : the buses drivers. On Friday evening, people happy to meet relatives after a working week are generally in a hurry to go back home where wives or mothers have surely cooked nice meals. But, because of the wishes of a single driver of a small car who parked his (her?) vehicle on the roundabout, its impossible to the buses to cross the square and then for the cars. And no hoopers concert is sufficient to make that car goes. 

The most convenient parking aera has been designed for the VeloCité+, set up there by the city. It's normal, these bikes are always there...

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