29 April, 2012

Angers chosen by Red Bull for a night air drop last Tuesday.

Angers was, during the night of April 24th, one of the 14 French drop zones of the world operation Red Bull air drop dedicated "to help the students all over the world to revise their exams". The news was disclosed by students who found a big pallet full of Red Bull cans in a drop zone located in Belle-Beille, one of the universitarian campus, between the Iut Gea and the Sciences university. In every drop zone, pallets of Red Bull may have in fact been drop off on the ground by choppers.

Credit Pictures Red Bull
That big strongbox with hundreds of new recipes of Red Bull Editions were available for students being there by chance from 7 am. The operation was preceded by a serie of emails sent to Angers students eager to get some beverages. In less than three hours, all the cans had vanished. No explainations were given about the choice of Angers as a drop zone.

According to observers, students were happy to get these cans because the operation had not been disclosed in the city. At first, students believed that the pallet was a work of art. Little messages were also brought with the cans precising that the Austrian brand had given "wings to millions os students around the world".

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