23 April, 2012

The Angers medias editorial line upside down after the first round of the presidential elections

The local medias of Angers could disorient the voters. The two main daily Ouest-France and Le Courrier de l'Ouest were traditionnaly on tow different sides : the first on the left, the second on the right. It seems it's not the case since the first round of the presidential elections. And that is highly visible in the editorials published by these titles on April 23rd. 

Ouest-France wrote cautiously "the second round looks more difficult that foreseen... The situation is not simple for the socialist candidate, in spite of the impulse of the first round". But the (formerly) rightist Courrier "The presidential election is already packed. On May 6, François Hollande will win... The uneasiness of a society out of breath doesn't allow to the candidate president to reverse the situation".

But the figures are different too. For Ouest-France it's 28,6% for Hollande against 26,5% for Sarkozy while Le Courrier write 25,5% for the second. The editorial strategy could be problematic for the Courrier because in Maine et Loire, its main department of circulation, the winner of the first round is... Nicolas Sarkozy.

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