16 April, 2012

The anglicized brand of the city mays angers but is not in danger

The brand Angers Loire Valley continues to fuel criticism, questions but also a little hope. The daily Ouest-France, in an inquiry about the results ot that initiative of Angers Loire Métropole after it was launched in January 2011, points out in its issue of April 16th that Angers Loire Valley is "An anglicism criticized but efficient". Presently, the city doesn't want to conclude too hastily and annouced it will realize a survey about the impact of the brand on Angers' fame.

 According to the observation expressed to the daily newspaper, the communication of the new brand has not given noticeable results. But the fame of Angers before the arrival of Angers Loire Valley was not better. A little hope came recently from Austin, the Texas capital. But is it surprising given that in US nobody speaks a foreign language (except Spanish)? And yet, in France, as in many countries in the world, things and ideas seem more fashionable once they have been adopted by English speaking countries. Why would it not be the case with Angers Loire Valley?

Another survey from the Angers Loire Métropole Development Council suggests to create an event to federate the inhabitants of all the area. It would be wiser to enhance a humble but continuing English-speaking positioning to give Angers a most important fame. But the most juicy part of the Ouest-France survey is its conclusion : in order to compete in better conditions in the field of communication, Angers town hall is recruiting (written in French by a French editor) a "community manager"! After all "Charity begins at home".

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