10 April, 2012

Angers "tone hall" works on Music Day

Angers is preparing the next Music Day. Planned on the first day of the summer, that event gives to many bands, amateurs and professionnals, an opportunity to display their works and their passion. Angers town hall has started to register all the candidacies which will play in the bars, streets and squares of the city. Angers, wishing to give to the Music Day the largest audience as possible, will edit the program on its website.
The Music Day welcomes traditionnaly a lot of people in spite of its strange date : June 21st is a Thursday and the following day is a working day. Maybe the organizers ot the event want the people in good shape back to work on the next morning and to limit the night disturbances for Angers inhabitants.

Logically, the city should encourage the Angevins to a civic behaviour regarding the respect to environment (and the work of clean-up done by the employees of city hall and so its costs...). In the years to come, the banks of Maine should be a privilegied place to welcome the bands and their public. 

Maybe town hall will seize the opporunity to invite some Austin representatives, given that Angers bets on music to develop its (business) links with the Texas capital. But the amateurism is not always appropriate : there is nothing more business than the show business.

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