04 April, 2012

A period of austerity could arrive within months, according to Angers banks

Within a few months, the turmoil around the French presidential and legislative elections will end. But France as well as Angers could experiment, what be the political line choosen by electors, a period of austerity. Because all the difficulties of the state and territorial authorities will not have disappeared during summer, the wake-up at the return to work in september could be uneasy for companies, associations or institutions living from public subsidies.

According to several banks of Angers, that could especially be true in the health sector and in the structures created by municipal councils to manage specific aspects of inhabitants daily life. The financial difficulties of these institutions could even, in some cases, halt the payment of salaries...

Regarding Angers, some representatives of these banks consider it will be necessary for the city to reconsider totally some of its projects, among them, the play swimming-pool planned (34 millions €) to be set up on Les Capucins plateau due to open in september 2013. And regarding the Maine banks reconquest, no costs estimate has been published even if the financial constraints which, nevertheless, will shape the project. Apparently the monument dedicated to the restoration, in France and in Angers, of the public finances declared himself.

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