19 April, 2012

The debate on Sunday openings could not be closed

The debate about the opening of superstores on Sunday could re-emerge after an agreement was found a few months ago between the local trade unions, the state and local authorities and the owner of the Leclerc center of Saint-Jean-de-Linières, near Angers. The extension project of the commercial surface (+ 1 000 square meters) submitted by the owner of the superstore, Fabrice Jonchère, was turned down by the authority. 

"I need to extend my store to make it durable", points out Mr Jonchère who, because of the refusal of the widening, doesn't rule out the possibility to re-open on Sunday morning "to strenghten the sales et the 65 jobs". 

"The Carrefour market located in Avrillé [and other places] is always opened on Sundays that doesn't seem to create problem to someone", he remarks. According to the local observers, such an idea could generate tensions with trade unions and the Angers agglomeration authority which want to protect the Sunday rest but the same idea in other Angers superstores and maybe at the new commercial park L'Atoll overcrowded for its special opening during Easter. The Sunday is considered as a day for rest by public Angers authorities but the problem is the consumer look to rest while shopping...

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