06 April, 2012

The next Angers fair will get a special echo because of the war in Mali

The next Angers fair, planned from April 21 to 29, should have, in 2012, a specific echo because its "exhibition event" of that edition is dedicated to Mali whose capital, Bamako is, since a long time, twinned with Angers. That African and caritative touches of the fair will display a cooperation village and an exhibition about the Dogon people whose the land could be threatened by the civil war that erupted in the country a few weeks ago.

The North of the Mali, which could include the Dogons people has recently fallen under the Islamists' domination. Apparently, one of the member of the Malian community of Angers, Moussa Ag Assarid, who was elected at the Council for citizenship of Angers foreigners, may have joined the movement of the North independantists who proclaim the independance of the Northern part of the country. Such a decision disturb the Malian community of Angers.

A few weeks ago, the city of Angers lauched an intiative among young inhabitants and planned to send them in Bamako in 2013. Nothing is less sure now.

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