27 April, 2012

The politicians in Angers in search of a topic for their campaign

The fate of the factory the Technicolor company owns in Angers alon the Birgé boulevard wil become a perfect symbol of the political "action". Since the shutdown of the factory is more than likely before the end of May, several candidates to the French presidency, or their grey eminences, from all political horizons, spoke about Technicolor and even announced they would come in Angers. 

But is it serious to think that, in less than a few days, a solution will emerge after 40 years of public carelessness which led to the slow, silent but deathly decline of its competitiveness? The pictures published about the visit of the adviser of François Hollande reveals the caracteristic of the political action during an electoral campaign : fastness, superficiality, expedience, wishful thinkings, empty by-words... The worse is the policians are not wrong : there is always editors who believe a candidate is able to save the factory.

The problem of Technicolor is highly representative of the desease of the French, and European industry. Because "the production in France is a topic of the campaign", noticed a trade-union leader of the Angers factory. The problem is production is just a topic. And the May 1st parade will not change the problem.

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