17 April, 2012

The Angers "Station +" project is on the tracks

With the closure of the Black Bridge, the period of redevelopment of the district around the Saint-Laud railway station is starting.  The Yvonne Poirel boulevard near the station is in works all the week. But the inconvenience for the users of that way, as well as for the neighbours is only starting because all the wasteland along the railway line will be unrecognizable once the work will be completed. The re-design of that area is called "Station +" and aims to create a new district mixing offices, stores and housing on both sides of the railway line.

The Angers city wishes that the project will fuel jobs. This would be not impossible because of the location of the place very close to the high speed train linking Angers to Paris, and from there to (almost) all the capitals of Europe. So the city was right to invest money a few months ago in a connection which will make the travel between Paris and Angers a little bit shorter.
Credit Pictures Angers City

The hope Angers could harbour is the shortage of housing capacities of Paris and its surroundings will hamper the development of the private companies, forced to "delocalize" their offices in Angers. But that could increase the real-estate local prices...

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