15 April, 2012

In Angers centre, a revolution may hide another one

Some pictures have sometimes a meaning which is different of the goal of the photographer and make think to an hidden issue. The daily newspaper Ouest-France published on its website on April 14th an article about a demonstration of people gathered to protest against the bloody repression of the regime against the civilian. The picture is taken on Ralliement square and display Syrian flags, banners and people shouting their legitimate grievances.

Credit Picture : Ouest France
But, in the background of the scene, the viewer can see the front side of the Nouvelles-Galeries superstore and a giant poster displaying the famous French soccer player Eric Cantona, who played several years at Manchester United, with is new wife Rachida Brakni. Mrs Brakni, French citizen and actress, was born from Algerian parents. In Arabic countries, where most of the time the state religion is Islam, women are not authorized to marry men having another religion (except if they embraced Islam). 

So the giant poster behind the demontrators recalls that oppressed population must not become oppressors in their turn. It is faire to support the Syrian people. But, one it will be ridden of its dictatorial regime, it will have to do another revolution : the freedom of women, in the background of the picture...

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