11 April, 2012

The 2011 Angers electoral registration campaign at test in 2012 polls

With the set-up of wood electoral board near the future polling stations of Angers, the city is entering in a period of intense political activity because of the presidential then legislative elections due to take place from April 22nd to June 17th. In its website, Angers city details all the measures implemented to ensure fair conditions of vote for the four polling days. Towhall is presently recruiting assessors to monitor the dozens of polling stations over the city. 

Credit picture Angers city
This is not the first involvement of the city for the civic success of the polls. At the beginning of automn 2011, Angers city took (tactlessly) the initiative to stimulate the interest of young people to vote by registering themselves on the polling lists. If the city considered the results of its initiative were satisfactory (local medias were a little bit more reticent), the results will come soon.

While French medias and opinion polls foresee a high level of abstention in France as a whole, especially in popular districts, Angers could not be spared by such a trend. Verneau, La Roseraie, Monplaisir, Grand-Pigeon and Belle-Beille are potential tanks of abstainers. If these are numerous, the effectiveness of the campaign will be questionnable. 

But others potential consequencies could be analyzed. A high level of abstentionnism may trigger, inside the majority side in Angers town hall, a campaign of mobilization. Frederic Beatse and Jean-Luc Rotureau, its leaders will compete on that ground if primaries are due to take place. A low participation in popular district may favor the right candidate. After June 17th anothe electoral campaign may start.

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