05 April, 2012

Pussyfussy on the opening schedules of Atoll for the Easter weekend

To be or not to be... opened. That is the question of some of the stores gathered at the new commercial park, Atoll, inaugurated on April 4th. The communication by the Angers medias on that issue could look a little bit confused for many customers. At the end of March, one of the local trade unions asked to the mayor of Beaucouzé, a village close to Angers where Atoll has been set up to prohibit the opening of the commercial complex on the first Sunday of its existence. 

Atoll by night (Credit Picture Angers city)
The day of the inauguration, the mayor of Beaucouzé allows all the stores of Atoll to open on Sunday, Easter Day, but makes compulsory the closing of the center on Monday. The following day, April 5th, another article, in the same media, specifies that the Maine-et-Loire préfecture recalls the prohibition for furnitures stores to open on Sunday, what includes the leading brand of Atoll, Alinea as well as others stores like Hémisphère Sud, Maisons du monde ou H & H. But for Easter Monday, they will be authorized to open!  The Atoll website didn't venture to mention the schedules of that day on April 6th...

Such a pussyfooting conveys the complexity and the nonsense of the French regulations in that field. On Friday, the furnitures stores owners of Atoll will gather to think about a common stance. To be or not to be... opened.

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