28 April, 2012

Atoll wants to keep the pace of a good first attending by opening on public holidays in May

Atoll, the new commercial park located near Angers, takes care of its attendance. Recently, the complex disclosed the first figures of visitors. And the managers of the centre opened a website displaying all the informations the customers need. If the first statistics look encouraging, the team running Atoll doesn't want to loose the start of the activity. 

Atoll will be opened on two public holidays in May, the 8th (end of the second world war) and 17th (Ascension). These days are not Sundays but there are already a tear in the recent agreement between Angers public authorities and professionnals. According to their common statement, the stores, and especially the most important, must close on public holidays "dedicated to leisure and family life". The website states that the complex is nevertheless closed on Sundays.

The figures about the attending of Atoll could be satisfactory. About 800 000 persons came throughout the complex since its inauguration, on April 4th. The interest of Angers people was sure and even frenzian because of the carelesness of people parking their car (on pavements, cyclable lanes, lawns...). But they don't reveal the turnover of the centre. These figures will need more time to come.

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