22 April, 2012

The results of the first round of the presidential elections made some Angers electors angry

According to some inhabitants after a few hours the Angers polling stations had been opened, the first round of the presidential elections could prepare some surprises. While a large part of the polling institutes and the national medias predicted a low participation, that one was, in Angers, apparently more important than foreseen. 

The second surprise came in the evening when the first Angers websites published the results of the first run : except Angers, the most important town of the department, Nicolas Sarkozy was ahead of François Hollande, its socialist contender. That infuriated Angers people against the national polling institute and above all the medias. 

A good example of the bias of medias came from the local daily newspaper Le Courrier de l'Ouest. While the results was largely incomplete, that Angers daily newspaper (considered as rightist before it was purchased, a few years ago by its competitor, Ouest-France) commented with some aggressivness the results, writing that François Holland was in good position "to oust" his rival... Some of its readers generaly considered as favourable to the right will have the staggers.

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