12 April, 2012

Citizen pride in Angers streets

Credit Myrtil Company
Angers doesn't want to imitate the famous Avignon festival, with its artistic innovations in the world of theatre. Nervetheless an attempt to stimulate the "citizen expression" will take place in the city from April 16th to 22nd. "Citizen expression", these two words could in fact replace another famous phrase of France during the seventies and the eighties : "the committed theatre". Under the title "To tell the world", the aim of that festival is to question every one about his part as a citizen.

The concept looks vague and a little bit preposterous. The event, through two Angers companies, Gaïa and Myrtil, wants to promote, once again, the "living together", which reflects a keen wish of French to make their culture universally recognized.  Unreaheased stages in the streets about the collective life of persons of different ages, the acceptance of handicap or the consequences of the numerical communication on daily relationships will be some of the issues, fields of reflections.

Credit Gaïa Company
That initiative recalls the recent launching of the work of "The city", a complex dedicated to the citizen involvement. Angers should rather promote its enterprises and the people who work in because, more than self-proclaimed generosity, they are the real instrument for political integration as well as social and economic cohesion. But France is maybe too sensitive to its self-lyrism.

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