25 April, 2012

Angers and Pise "twinned towers" celebrate Europe in May.

Angers will honor Europe between April 27th and May 27th with a focus on Italia and especially Pisa a city Angers is twinned since 30 years. An exhibition will take plan on that town at the Saint-Aubin tower and another one, on the most famous tower of the world, the Pisa tower at the Municipal Institute while Lices Street, also called Corso Italia will be decorated to the Italian colors. And in the evening at the Fine Arts museum gardens, a concert will take place on movies themes.

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But is Italia the sum up of Europe, which will have its day on May 9th? Surely not. The problem is the festivities of the Europe Day do not look very important. It's true that Europe fame has a little bit faded with the economic crisis but nevertheless, many aspects of the Angers life relies on the European dimension and not only financial.

Recently, Angers city was in the headlines of the daily Le Monde because the Agriculture High School hosts since a few weeks a Spanish scientist. This one choose to leave his country because of the economic crisis ther He says he feels great in Angers, a city he doesn't want to leave. So The celebration of the Europe cannot be summed-up to the celebration of twinng.

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