09 April, 2012

The new commercial Angers temple attracts faithful customers on Easter Monday

The interest of Angers inhabitants and visitors from departments around the Maine-et-Loire for the new commercial complex, L'Atoll, was visible on Easter Monday. Celebrated as a holiday, the crowd visiting that day the new park indicated that shopping is becoming a familly leisure as, formerly, was churchgoing. If the stallholders were driven out from the church by Christ, it seems today the commercial places are the new temple.

All the open air parking lot of the Atoll was full of cars. Several minutes were necessary to find a free lot. The most intriguing fact is, nevertheless, because of municipal regulations, some of the stores of L'Atoll had been announced as closed that day. Apparently, that didn't prevent passers-by from coming, some far from Angers.

This observation seems testify that Angers inhabitants, in their minds, have internalized the idea that prohibition of the opening of stores on Sunday and even public holiday are not longer taboo. Sometimes, the trend in civil society anticipates the change of regulations.

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