03 April, 2012

Soliings of the Angers La Doutre disctric are not anymore due to pets

While the sustainable development and the cleanliness of the city are common issues of talks and projects in Angers town hall, a curious habit is appearing in one of the Angers districts. It sends back Angers to a very old period of its history. A period what most of the people thought it was definitively over. A period during which inhabitants didn't have modern conveniences for their most natural and basic needs...

According to employees in charge of the cleaning of the public ways, some persons in the La Doutre district have got the use to relieve themselves... in the streets. If the number of public toilets in the city is maybe insufficient, it was also the case five, ten, twenty or fity years ago. And the problem was since "contained" to pets. So, the question is : who are these guys? Is the number of incontinent people increasing? Are the night-birds sicker than before after the "afters"? Or, more seriously, is the number of homeless people soaring?

What may be the origin of the phenomena, that one is far from brilliant to the city and even quite worrying about the ability of people to live peacefully and respectfully together. It is not sure to foot the shit in La Doutre will brings luck.

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