20 December, 2011

With the arrival of Monique Ramognino, the Angers mayor could see things with philosophy

Credit pictures Angers City
A page has maybe been turned over in the last mandate of Jean-Claude Antonini, mayor of Angers. The nomination (in fact an election) of Monique Ramognino as first deputy mayor of the city will undoubtedly ease the second part of the Antonini's term. Mrs Ramognino, till now in charge of cultural issues at the municipal council, is not a challenger of Mr Antonini, and no more for his possible heirs, Frédéric Béatse, Luc Belot or Jean-Luc Rotureau. 
The new deputy-mayor is very different of the former one, Bernadette Caillard-Humeau. With the departure of Mrs Caillard-Humeau, the political atmosphere will ease for Mr Antonini, who had open disagreement about the way Mrs Caillard-Humeau had run hers responsability. Taking her office, Mrs Ramognino stated that she would not have acted as Mrs Caillard-Humeau did for three years.

But the arriving of Mrs Ramognino could revive competition between the three possible candidates to succeed to Mr Antonini who maybe foresees to leave office before the next municipal polls of 2014. To a period of tensions with one deputy-mayor, another one, full of open ambitions, could arrive. Mrs Ramognino could see that new era with distance and philosophy, she taught before.

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