26 December, 2011

Angers town hall keeps its 12 New Year meetings for 2012

Credit Angers city
The Angers city has decided to stay faithful to the tradition and to distinguish itself from the Conseil général de Maine et Loire and the Préfecture : the New Year ceremony is maintained. Two meetings are even planned at Le Quai Theatre and small gatherings will take place in all the districts of Angers between the mayor, Jean-Claude Antonini and the inhabitants.

Regarding the two meetings, one is dedicated to Angers officials : what the entire town counts of associations, communities private or public will be there. Another one is planned for the employees of the city. Were these two necessary? May be not.

Regarding the first one, it's doubtful. Since 2009, Angers city organizes little ceremonies in the districts which allow the town hall representatives to meet directly the inhabitants and, according to local medias, more than 1 300 persons were there last year and the dialogue between Angers officials and inhabitants must be more effective in low scale meetings.

But these meetings add themselves to latest district meetings organized on behalf the "participative democracy". If we count the Conseils consultatifs de quartier, there is a lot of rendezvous between the municipal councillors and town hall members. May a little too much.

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