17 December, 2011

"Confluences" drawings at sale : a bridge "over men"

Credit Wikipedia
A charitable auction sale was organized on December 15th in the Saint-Eloi Museum of drawings about the new trolley bridge "Confluences" who crosses the Maine River, in Angers. The initiative of that event was due to Angers Bamako Segou, an association which works to improve the daily life of Mali people in the field of education. The drawings were signed by Maurice Nadon, a former landscape architect who designed more thant 1 500 private gardens and terraces all over Europe.

Credit CCI of Maine et Loire
His drawings and watercolours gathered in a book "The idea of a bridge" tells the design and the construction of the "Confluences" bridge. All the sketches published in the book were on sale in that auction which will give the Angers Bamako Segou all the benefits of the event.

The book, whose interest comes mainly from the Maurice Nadon's quick sketched portraits, testifies the bridge was designed first as an aesthetic object : the inspiration precedes the calculations in geology, mechanic... and finances. And Maurice Nadon was in charge of the integration of the work in the Maine lanscape. The auction was a success, testifies the unassuming president of Angers Bamako Segou, Jean Perrault, who launched a charity bridge between men.

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