07 December, 2011

Angers website tries to enhance the English positioning of the city.

After, a year ago, the town hall made public a video "Angers get surprised" designed to promote the city and its surroundings towards businessmen, the municipal website recently renewed the experience. The welcome page of www.angers.fr introduced at mid-november a set of videos where foreign people give their opinion about the capital of Anjou. Among them, a Wigan representative, Susan Loudon, town councillor, reveals her first impressions when she visited Angers 10 years ago. These appear to confirm the relevance of the English touch of the new brand "Angers Loire Valley".

"When I visited Angers, history, the castle and the tapestry stroke me about the connections with Britain which is really important" said Mrs Loudon on the video visible on Daily Motion. "I was very surprised : Angers city looks like a seaside town even it's not". The town is "very welcoming, very clean and I got a feeling of summer even if we went there during autumn. It' a very colourful town".

Credit Wigan city
Regarding the people she met in the street, she thought they were welcoming and above all the shopkeepers even Mrs Loudon says she doesn't speal French. Curiously, the assessments written on "Angers get surprised" are quite negative, and almost agressive, about the use of English in the city promotion. Some Angers people should have more (British) phlegm.

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