09 December, 2011

Angers sends you its warmest greeters

Credit picture : Angers Loire Greeters
It was the perfect opportunity. In that period of Christmas and New Year "greetings", some Angers inhabitants choose to display their common point of interest : to help the visitors in the discovery of the town. Gathered in a association, they are the "Angers Loire Greeters", and are called that way... in French. They offer to the tourists "to visit Angers as these were with friends" simply because they have a passion for the town they live in and they live with. Five volunteers stride along streets and districts with a few persons staying in Angers for leisure or professional purposes.

"We are in the mood to make share our vision of the city. We offer individualized walks in touch with the main interests, strange places, good ways for shopping, nice green bits... We are on the lookout of life in town and its surroundings in order to mix proposals", says the deputy-chairman of the Angers Loire Greeters, Marie-Claire Planchenault.

Credit for text and picture : Angers city website
These have their website and will be in the wooden hut of Angers Loire Valley all day long on next saturday and sunday. "Angers Loire Greeters" is member of the Global Greeter Network, actively involved in English and French speaking towns like London, New York as well as Lyon or Marseille.  

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