22 December, 2011

The Maine banks raising schemes on exhibition at Le Quai

 The Banks of Maine project will enter in a new stage at the beginning of next year. Hosted by the Le Quai Theatre between the 6th and the 29th of January, an exhibition on the three selected schemes will allow to the Angers inhabitants to see what the Maine banks could be in the future and to give their opinion about each of them. "Each opinion will count and will contribute" to the choice of one of the three teams.

These have had to difficult task to re-think a river space of 320 hectares large between the Maine Lake and Saint-Cubin Island. The core of the development is approximately located between the Le Quai theatre, face to the Angers castle toward the new Confluences Bridge. Among the goals of the three teams, there are: "the re-building of the town on itself and the promotion of a calmed down and high grade public space".

According to the chart of the scheme, "the city doesn't live anymore with its river and the inhabitants are disconnected with the river banks because of the presence of the expressway", so the urban projects will have to develop the metropolitan core and to make the city more attractive, to put the river in the core of the town and, of course, to give value to the banks. Among the main difficulties, there is the removal of the expressway which cuts the city. The choice which will be done within weeks will influence the face of Angers during the next 20 or 30 years.

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