16 December, 2011

Flooded pavements in Angers down town due to driving rains

The present weather conditions over Angers make appear in Angers down town a disadvantage coming from the pedestrians surfaces set up around the central station of the trolley in Ralliement square. On Tuesday, the city was under a driving rain. The new pavements laid at the level of the streets were flooded and in its was impossible for women wearing ballet slippers (as fashion orders it) to cross the streets without soaking their feets.

 That high part of the city, built on hill along the river Maine left bank, maybe didn't get  storm drains sufficiently wide to absorb huge quantities of water as it is the case since a few hours. That stagnant water could even be risky for bikers going down from Saint Julien, then Louis de Romain streets before continuing along Plantagenet street till the riverside.

Météo France forecasts violent winds over Angers during Thursday fo Friday night coming along with heavy rains. More than thirty millimeters of water were recorded between Monday and Thursday. The same quantity was waited during the last night. 

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