06 December, 2011

The New Year festivities cancelled by Maine et Loire authorities : the stictness is under way

 "Save euro". If, during the last months, that leitmotiv was shouted at every level of the European Union, in Angers, it could take in the weeks to come another meaning : savings! Yesterday, the prefect of Maine et Loire, Richard Samuel, and the president of the Conseil général, Christophe Béchu, agreed to cancel the New Year celebrations. "This symbolic decision considering the money at stake signals the shared will of the two public authorities to postpone every unnecessary expense which do not take part directly to the implementation of a public policy".

In order to justify such a measure, the two officials mention "the difficult economic times the country is going through". Angers mayor, Jean-Claude Antonini, didn't, up to now, passed such a decision but, for years, the standing of the town hall New Year celebrations has been reduced.

Of course, some people will complain about the loss of a moment of warmth but the many others are waiting a clear signal for strictness. In France, such a word is worrying while it could be, to the contrary, reassuring. The opposite of strictness should give anxiety because in France public finances, the opposite has prevailed : laxity. There are a lot of savings to achieve.

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