19 December, 2011

The Angers Loire Valley yule log for Christmas 2012

Credit Angers Loire Valley
The Chemellier hall hosted on December 16th an original contest : the best Angers Loire Valley yule log . A final selected the 10th best recipes of amateur pastry cooks of the city. The local media didn't published the results in their following day edition. For the jury, the most important standard of the yule log is its correspondence with "the identity of the territory", as it is written in the rule of the contest.

Credit Wikipedia
According to the survey commissioned by Angers Loire Métropole, the products symbolising the territory are (by order of decreasing importance) all edible : wine, slate nougats ("quernons d'ardoise") and Cointreau. So logically, the yule should display a piece of vine (instead of a piece of tree), slate nougats and be Cointreau flavored. The recipe must use local products. So the yule log should, logically, made of fruits like apple, pear or raspberries.

The winner will get fame because the Angers Loire Valley yule log wil bear the name of its creator and will see its recipe sold in all the best patisserie of Angers from Christmas 2012. And part of the profits will be transferred to caritative associations.Gastronomy will leave its mark on the end of 2011 because an exhibition is dedicated to Curnonsky, famous Angers gastronome.

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