11 December, 2011

Mrs Caillard-Humeau criticizes the Angers trolley policy that she claimed to have run

In a statement read in front of the mayors of towns and villages members of Angers Loire Métropole, on December the 8th just before the withdrawal of her charges had to be voted, Bernardette Caillard-Humeau, who recently had already lost her responsabilities at the municipal council of Angers and in the Angers and surroundings authority, gave an information about the traffic of the new trolley. The number of travellers could not be as important as foreseen, according Mrs Caillard-Humeau who said : " There is still a long way to fill the trolley and the issues of parking lots are not alien to that".

The problem is Mrs Caillard-Humeau, former deputy-chairman of Angers Loire Métropole, was in charge of the transportation field when she was in office. In that field, she was also in charge of the VeloCité+ facility she described as a success while it was, in fact, a failure (the costs of renting bikes for visitors arriving in the railway station are too high and dozens of bikes are parked permanently to their hoops). She had also set up iron cage to park bikes around the city which are unused.

Her statement confirmed the difficult relationship she had with Mr Antonini : "I have my temper, but is it not necessary to have one to make things going on?", she said referring to the past, before adding, about the future : "I wish the new team will direct the chairman [Mr Antonini]... without fear, without half-measure". Mrs Caillard-Humeau counter attacked arguing that the withdrawal of its attributions was the consequence of a new political balance between centrists and socialists inside the majority. but she is not the first centrist allied to the left in Angers. Formerly there was an alliance under Jean Monnier mandate as Anges mayor and no clash occured.

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