18 December, 2011

Saint-Aubin str. stores display Christmas word

For the Christmas festivities, Angers gets a English touch. Many shopkeepers have decided to attract customers using over-Channel language. That trend is mainly visible in the garments stores where , brands, ads, objects and more and more messages are written in English . That is the case in Saint-Aubin street, one of the oldest way in down town Angers.

Many front side designers try to catch pedestrians' attention telling them it's time for an "Essential Christmas","hippie Christmas", "Sweet Christmas" or simply wishing a "Merry Christmas". Sometimes, a message mixes English and French. If some are understandable ("I love ma petite robe en maille"), for others, it's more difficult to get it. " Black and white glitter" (without an "s") is the best example. Other store owners decided to inform their customers in English about the very next future of their shop : low prices with "Shopping days" or "Liquidation avant relooking".

Moreover, the Soleils d'hiver event broadcasts a lot of English speaking hits (from UK or Us) which provides to the passers-by a pleasant change of scenery. But the prices are still indicated in euros and, according to the last Eurepean summit, the pound is nowhere near used in Angers.

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