31 December, 2011

Happy "News" Year Angers

At the heart of Angers, a place sums up the difficulties some Angers inhabitants, as many others in France as well as abroad, faced in 2011 and fears on the eve of 2012. The news kiosk located at the top of Ralliement square is, as well as France and even international economy, at risks. Its owner warned he could stop his business because the kiosk is not set up at the right place : near the trolley, where travellers who are also customers stand. The news kiosk could miss turnover opportunities if a change does not take place in the weeks to come.

The Angers town hall is reluctant to change the place of the news kiosk. That would be an important change in the organization of Ralliement square. Almost the municipal authority would accept to change the orientation of the kiosk, turning its entrance toward the trolley line instead of turning its back to it. Like many private companies, a change of direction would be welcome but States don't want to hear of it.

A change of public stance regarding the news kiosk would be appropriate but public authorities are reluctant to step down in front of private interests which are, in that specific case : a job. So through the news kiosk, many people in Angers should have in mind the necessity of business as a difficult, tough and often cruel but unique way to go ahead. Angers Daily News wishes its readers to go ahead in 2012 with growth and jobs which give confidence and hope. This is not sufficient of course but it's necessary. Happy New Year!

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