10 December, 2011

Illuminations warm the core of Angers city

In Angers, one of the most meaningful signals of the end of the year festivities is the illuminations of the streets. Along the commercial ways, at the crossroads and in squares, a lot a monuments and front side buildings are enlighted. 

These compensate the earlier nightfall and the rainy weather which reign over the Angers province at that period of the year. The illuminations make the Angers down town more attractive for customers or even simple pedestrians. Thanks to them, the core of the city looks to a commercial center, the most important of all in Angers, point out the storekeepers as well the town representatives. 

The music adds to the magic of the atmosphere. During the last years, the most popular song broadcasted was an old one dedicated to "Papa Noël" which gave sadness instead of fun to the passer-by. it could be a good idea to choose Strauss waltzes to close the year. The organizers are, in 2011, more sensitive than formerly, to UH and English popular hits.

One of the most remarkable enlightments has been set up in Sainte-Croix square. It looks designed to give shelter to the speech of a king. Even the new trolley line has used its electrical devices for illuminations. If the periodical enlightments heat the climate, they nevertheless warm the atmosphere of the city, at least for a while.

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